Common Man Became Hospitals Owner

I have friend in my child hood: He used to say always, I want to start hospitals with multiple doctors. But his position is very poor, he is not able to study more than intermediate, for his family position.

He is only son to his parents: He married in the early ages; his father is having a small timber depot. It is very small. In that locality for the time-being, his father not able to run that timber depot, so he changed that as front side Grocery shop, next his father expired in the middle age, so he run that Grocery shop.

Now in his supervision: that shop leads to profits. Again in his inner mind, his olden desire raised again, starting a hospital, how it is possible. Beside his Grocery shop, space is there, he constructed another small shop, that place is also, his own. So he deployed one Homeo Doctor (RMP), any fees will come, he used to take, he is paying salary to the RMP Doctor.

For the time being, it is successful: he deployed one MBBS Doctor in the same premises on salary basis in the evenings, it is also successful. For the time being he purchased beside house also, in that house, he started hospital with both Homeo and MBBS Physician.

For the time being, that is also successful: He raised his hospitals with all the advanced equipment with more doctors. Now it has become big hospital in that district. In the same district beside his town, he purchased another premises for another hospital, he started with all equipments, there also. That is also successful in that area. His dream is fulfilled.

Without qualification: Being owner of hospital, he is seeing all the maintenance and equipment carefully. Main reason to his success is… in his hospital no consultancy fees for primary check-up, he will charge the fees only for treatment. God has fulfilled his dream.

He is not having medical related qualification: Even though by his thoughts, he became an owner to his hospitals. Now he is extensively utilizing internet also for advanced developments in medical system, to improve equipments in his hospitals. Finally I went there, I wished him all the best, for his fulfilled dreams, finally he said that… God is towards to him by his obedience and careful decisions. That is the final word he said to me.

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