How to Safely Quit Your Job

How to Safely Quit Your Job Generally every engineer or professional having 10 years of experience will have the dream to start their own organization or company or consultancy or manufacturing unit. But this is the right decision and age in that time.

Have a clear plan and aim: But before quitting the job, we should have a clear plan and aim, what to start, where to start, which is the right process to start, enquiry about similar units or small industries in that area especially.

Initial Stage Cannot expect income: At the same time, you should have a clear project plan from the beginning to establishment, including monthly maintenance charges also because beginning 6 months; we cannot expect any type of income in the initial stage. Of course income may come, but it is not considerable.

Take Safety Suggestions: Before starting any manufacturing unit or consultancy or company, take the blessings of your family and elders also, take their safety suggestions, then it will become a blessing to you and it gives confidence to you also.

In your project plan, every miscellaneous expenses and overheads also, you should write very clearly, it gives a confidential planning to you.

Compare and Enquire: Suppose if you want to start a manufacturing unit, where to purchase machinery, is it highly amicable to your product or not two to 3 times, you should compare and enquire then only, you should purchase.

Observe friendly units: Once if you purchase the machinery, nobody will take back because it is the primary investment of the manufacturing unit. So be careful, observe the friendly units, their overheads and process with a request and proper enquiry. Otherwise you will be in difficult process.

Get Skilled Employees: In the initial stage take care of skilled employees, with one or two years of good experience. Once running on well, you can take juniors under existing seniors, by the support of seniors; there will be no harm to your costly machinery.

Ready for miscellaneous losses: While quitting the job also, give resignation before 2 months or according to the appointment order. Do not fear about, if we give resignation, they will give salary or not, what happens, do not think all these, what happens is happens, if you want to start your own unit, means you should be ready for these miscellaneous losses. Up to the end day work sincerely. Then their negative thoughts will go off.

Have a clear plan and aim: Try to get clear information, what will be your terminal benefits, in which way, you will get those, when you will get, all this information, you take it very clearly.

Do not invest your terminal benefits: My suggestion is, do not invest your terminal benefits into your new industry, kept in permanently in PPF, it is pension scheme, it will become a minimum safety to your family.

You will be mentally happy: Please remember one thing, once starting your own unit; your income is your surplus amount after all expenses and overheads. Try to work 12 hours a day for your own unit, but take frequent relaxation for lunch, evenings and dinner. Then you will be mentally happy.

These are the basic precautions before quitting the job happily to start a new your own unit.

Wishing you all the best,