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Internet options:

While opening another tab in, unexpectedly if you close that tab, If you press Ctrl+Shift+T, then it will come back again. This will be useful, if you close any tab, without idea, then you can recall the same.

Here are the Top 10 Internet safety rules: to follow to help you avoid getting into trouble online (and offline).
Keep Personal Information Professional and Limited.
Keep Your Privacy Settings On.
Practice Safe Browsing.
4. Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Secure.
Be Careful What You Download.
Choose Strong Passwords.

5 Cyber Safety Rules Everyone Needs to Follow: 1- Take Passwords Seriously, Very Seriously.
2- Invest time, money, and effort in enhancing your awareness.
3- Always use a VPN while browsing the web.
4- Don't download anything from a website or content provider whom you don't trust.
5- Be careful what you post.

Why Internet is fast at night: During prime daytime hours, more people are online thus dividing up the available bandwidth. During late night hours, less people are online and more bandwidth is available.

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