Ladies in Jeans

Ladies will be very attractive in Jeans: That is the natural giff given by GOD.

For Loose Jeans there is no harm to Ladies & Gents: Only problem with tight Jeans. Wearing tight jeans for the time being in ladies, falopean tubes will be closed by over heat by lack of proper respiration there. By that they can not be pregnant in future days. So it will become a big loss to their Women-kind. So be careful regarding this.

It is problem to Gents: Not only Ladies for wearing tight jeans, gents also will get another problem, for lack of proper respiration and air, their testicles can not release sperm count with good motility in case of sex, so finally it leads to Azoospermia in them, by that they can not get children.

So both will be suffered with tight jeans: So it is a suggestion to all, do not wear tight jeans. Be handsome with good comfort of dresses, but not with tight jeans.

What are the disadvantages of wearing jeans: For women, overly tight pants or jeans can lead to fungal infections like Thrush. Experts have also warned against wearing control underwear in a size too small saying they can cause acid reflux and heartburn, as well as making you need the toilet more.

What are the advantages of denim: Denim is great for everyday wear. It is comfortable, convenient, and easy to care for. It does not show stains adversely. It breathes well and can be worn in most any type of weather.

Is jeans good for health: And while skinny jeans may be your go-to, you should be aware of the fact that when you put them on, you're actually putting yourself in harm way. To begin with, the sheer tightness of skinny jeans can cause numbness and tingling in your legs, and their tautness around your waist has even been linked to acid reflux.

Why do people wear blue jeans: Generally, when people say that something they wear is "comfortable," they mean it is psychologically comfortable, not physically comfortable. We wear blue jeans because everyone else wears blue jeans, and it's our nature to want to be part of a group. Funnily enough, blue jeans also became popular with polo players.

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