Radiation is less in using Land Line:

Radiation is less in using Land Line: Land line will release less radiation, when compared to mobile. So it is better to put one land line in home, If it is under their budget in home. But I feel it is not compulsory.

Problem with Land Line: Another problem is also there, every one will phone to the same number frequently, Where is he, when will come, this head-ache will be there. So try to control these things.

Use A Corded Home Phone: Some times teenage friends will frequently disturb the elders of the house. That time it is better to keep every one individual mobiles only. So that only nowadays they are preferring for office purpose only. So land line phone utility depends on their personal acquaintance. Use A Corded Home Phone Not A Cordless Phone Which Emits Radiation

Radiation effect of mobile phone: Individuals who are concerned about radiofrequency exposure can limit their exposure, including using an ear piece and limiting cell phone use, particularly among children. Scientists have reported adverse health effects of using mobile phones including changes in brain activity, reaction times, and sleep patterns.

What are the effects of mobile radiation: If RF radiation is high enough, it has a 'thermal' effect, which means it raises body temperature. There are concerns that the low levels of RF radiation emitted by mobile phones could cause health problems such as headaches or brain tumours.

Can radiation from your phone harm your body: Cell phones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation when in use. The type of radiation emitted by cell phones is also referred to as radio frequency (RF) energy. As stated by the National Cancer Institute, there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk in humans.

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