Metal Safes

Metal Safes: Safes that are used in banks, offices and residential are made from metal. They are designed to keep important documents and cash safe means that they should be built to withstand fire outbreak. There is indeed a large market for metal safes hence if you are looking for a metal related business to start then one of your options is to go into the manufacturing of metal safes.

What kind of metal are safes made of: Most safes will use a basic iron and carbon steel alloy because it offers the best balance between price and performance. Higher quality safes, however, will often use a chromium steel alloy for the additional hardness as well as resistance to corrosion.

Why is a safe called a safe: A safe (also called a strongbox or coffer) is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft and/or damage from fire. A safe is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder, with one face being removable or hinged to form a door.

Are Safes secure: Floor Safes, great security but very little protection against fire. Floor safes offer great security if installed in the floor surrounded by concrete BUT provide very little fire protection. Floor safes offer great protection for valuables due to the body of the safe being encased in concrete on all five sides.

Best Home Safes.
Tigerking Digital Security Home Safe.
AdirOffice Home Safe.
AmazonBasics 0.5 CF Security Home Safe.
Viking Security VS-50BLX Home Safe.
SentrySafe CHW20221 Home Safe.
AmazonBasics 1.52 CF Keypad Home Safe.
First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Home Safe.

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