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Android Phones for Photographers: Using your smart phone as a camera for certain situations. Some of the best Android smart phone cameras for serious about their photography.

Disable background data. Otherwise your mobile speed will also be reduced. At the same time, battery consumption will also be high. So Disable background data.

Disable app notifications that you do not need. Instant notifications not required. Later in liesure time, we can see those notifications.

Do not use the phone while charging. Sometimes it may be short circuited, by that, processing chip may be damaged. It reduces battery life. So be careful whil charging do not use the phone. Wait a while, while charging.

Save Files in Comuter: Generally Video files, Photos in Gallery, will be saved in computer, only limited videos photos only we will keep in phone. This is right way to keep the memory space free in mobile.

On your iPhone use "Remind Me Later" option to skip calls, without forgetting about them.

Back-up your Mobile data, to avoid losing photos, videos and other important information.

Install memory management app: in their smart phones, by defragmenting the hard drive. It helps the Android run faster. Click on the app, at any time, to run the program, to free up memory.

MobileMemory: Download movies, music, and other media through Wi-Fi then watch in-flight. At the time of traveling, You may not always have a data connection.

Please have a power bank or battery with you, while traveling for long journeys, while using Mobile. It gives a great comfort in long journeys.

Use Mobile Pen drives to take backup instantly; it saves a lot of your memory in the mobile.

By heavy talking in phone, or usage, It gets heat, that time, it is better to switch off the phone, then connect to charger. Automatically heat will be down, as well as your phone battery will also be charged quickly. Please do not charge the phone while using.

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