Mustard Oil Extraction, Ground Nut Oil

Mustard Oil Extraction:

Mustard Oil extraction:

Fine dry Mustard, For extranction of oil in villeges, Wood press system are using.

Some are using rolling machine with buffalo, it will go round to the machine, then oil will be extracted.

In modern days, so many automatic extraction machines are available in the market.

Especially in, and other websites also there to provide information relating to Machinery.

Machinery Cost will start from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs according to capability and demand in your business area.

While putting mustard in the machine lid, automatically it will grind then press, then finally oil will be extracted.

Waste substance will be highly useful for hens and other living birds also. So it is also having good demand in the market.

If you want to start in a large scale, you can provide your own brand name also. Take licenses from local authorities, if it in in large scale.

For home based, you need not take any such risk, because it is home based.

Even if you start in Mini level or in large level, if you are in the market in the long run, you will get good profits.

Marketing is must for this business. Especially Contact hotels, Restaurants, Function halls etc.

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