Massage to Nails and Legs

Massage to Nails and Legs: Massage is must for Nails and our Legs in your liesure time. Upto 40 years, it will not show any effect. But crossing 40 years, It will show effect on Nails, growth will not be proper, so we should take care of nails also.

Use Oil: By using simple coconut oil, once in a week, you can massage on Nails of fingers both foot and hands, it will give glow and it should be healthy to nails.

Do not forget Legs: We should not forget Legs also, frequently in your free time, it is better to massage yourself to legs also, it increases good gel in joints, your knees and joints will be comfortable in the long run. So do not neglect Legs also.

During a Pedicure: During a pedicure, you receive a massage of your feet and lower legs. The massaging helps promote the circulation of your blood. Increased blood circulation can prevent things like pain, arthritis, and varicose veins. Healthy blood flow also helps evenly distribute heat throughout your body.

Pedicure at home in 5 easy steps: First, you need to trim and shape your nails. Remove your old nail polish with the nail polish remover and trim your nails neatly.
Give your feet a nice foot bath.
The next step is exfoliating.
Once you are done scrubbing, wash your feet clean and moisturise them.
Now your nails are ready to get decorated.

Why do they massage your legs during a pedicure: "The massage part of the pedicure enables us to check to see if the client is getting enough circulation to the foot and lower extremities. Foot massage also gives seniors relief from aching joints, feet and legs. The techniques include kneading, tapping, rolling, light stretching and pressing.

How can I get beautiful hands and nails: Use moisturizer. When rubbing lotion or oil into your hands, make sure you work it into the cuticles and nails, too.
Care for your cuticles, Avoid using harsh polish.
Seek out alternatives, Buff instead of color.
Choose a good remover.
Make a natural nail-strengthening treatment.
Eat well.

We can see massage system here in this video:

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