Neem Oil

Neem Oil Adequate knowledge about Oil extraction process reuired. Several techniques used in the industrial and commercial extraction of neem Oil. Neem Oil extraction using solvent like alcohol, ether and hydrocarbons is the most used process in the industry. Produced neem Oil by treated with solvent does not contain Azadirachtin. This type of neem Oil is not suitable for use, on certified organic crop.

Neem Oil Application in Several Industries: Used as natural pesticide, insecticide, and fungicide. Containing with Another industrial use is, neem coated chemical fertilizer like urea. Neem Oil has a wide market potential in Cosmetic industry. In manufacturing a large number of skin care, body care, hair care products. In ayurvedic Cosmetic industry which is now booming, neem Oil is an essential ingredient and essential product in herbal medicine industry.

Business Plan: Business plan is an effective tool for neem Oil extraction. Find out what type of neem Oil you want to extract. It helps you to determine the appropriate method and machinery. It is advisable to have a project report in hand before starting.

Legal Compliances: Register your business as OPC. Register your business as SSI Unit. You need to obtain trade license from local authority. You need to have ‘consent to establish’ and ‘consent to operate’ permission from Pollution Control Board of your region. For certain use of neem Oil such as in agriculture, BIS registration is mandatory.

Mechanical Pressing Method: Primary process of extraction consists of grade wise separation of seeds. Grading of seeds is done according to the amount of Oil content in the seeds and with sizes as well.

Fruits are collected in a Drum: the kernels are separated to obtain the seeds. Later the seeds are woven dried and then feed into the Oil extracting machine in case of mechanical pressing method. The neem Oil is obtained by pressing it mechanically and collected in a drum. Filtration is done to remove the various unwanted particles left in the extracted Oil.

Solvent Extraction Method: Solvents like petrol or white gasoline is mixed with the seeds after woven drying. The solvents help in extracting the neem Oil, out of the kernel, up to certain percent. Added to that the neem seeds are pressed if needed. The pure neem Oil is recovered from the crude one.

Promotion of Neem Oil Extraction Business: Have business tie up with the industries that use neem Oil as raw material. At least one product with your brand name in retail. Create your own website. Register your business with the popular B2B portals. Concentrate in distribution.

What is neem Oil good for: Pure neem Oil is incredibly potent. To treat acne, Fungal infections, warts, or moles, use undiluted neem Oil to spot treat affected areas. Lightly dab the neem Oil onto the area using a cotton swab or cotton ball, and allow it to soak in for up to 20 minutes.

Can I apply neem Oil directly on skin: Our Organic Neem Oil can be applied directly on the skin. However, it is advised to do a small patch test before using the product. In case if you have sensitive skin and scalp, it is recommended to dilute equal parts of Neem Oil with Organic Sweet Almond or Organic Sesame Oil.

Does neem Oil remove dark spots: Hyperpigmentation of the skin can happen with the overproduction of melanin, and neem Oil balances out the melanin secretion to lighten up dark spots. It is especially great for spot treatment! Reduce Inflammation for eczema. Neem has been known to reduce redness and Inflammation for eczema and relieve dry itchy skin.

When should I use neem Oil: To keep your fruit Trees and berry bushes insect free, spray your plants and Trees early before blossoming, then again when the petals drop, and every two weeks after to control these pests. Common fruit-tree insect that neem Oil will protect against include: Wooly apply aphids.

How quickly does neem Oil work: Neem Oil Uses in the Garden. Neem Oil foliar spray has been shown to be most useful when applied to young plant growth. The Oil has a half life of three to 22 days in sOil, but only 45 minutes to four days in water.

How can I use neem Oil on my face: How to use neem Oil on your skin. Lightly dab the neem Oil onto the area using a cotton swab or cotton ball, and allow it to soak in for up to 20 minutes. Wash off the Oil with warm water. Use daily until you achieve desired results.

Is Neem Oil an antiFungal: Neem Oil showed effective antiFungal activity against different types of fungi. It has many medicinal properties such as healing abilities, antioxidant activity etc. Therefore People instead of using allopathy medicines can move in a natural way to heal Fungal infections.

Does neem Oil really make your hair grow: Neem Oil has regenerative properties that support healthy cell division and stimulate hair follicle growth and function. It also helps in countering hair thinning caused by pollution, stress or medication. Therefore, regular application of the neem Oil promotes thicker, stronger, and more luxurious hair growth.

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