Paper Making

Paper Making:

Generally home made paper will be done by recycling old papers, but it is risky affair.

Recycling old paper will be made as pulp and it will be immersed in wooden plates, in wooden plates, after filtering water in wooden plate, pulp will be disbursed equally on wooden plate.

After drying out, we can take into big cloth, again on that another cloth, then press it, after that it will become rectangualr long paper.

Like wise it will be done regularly in home made paper. Even though it is very risky job.

Nowadays so much of machinery has come, in that wood will be used. First wood will be cleaned and immersed in water one day, then it will be cutting into small pieces through machinery, that that will form into pulp, that pulp will be used for making paper in large machinery, with pulp, press, enlarger, cutter then rolled into round realms.

This is the process in factory level machinery process. It is the best and easy way to process things.

Nowadays all most all paper making industries are doing in the same way.

Making is in this process, then marketing is another big process to get profits. It is a good and continuous process in the long run.

Profits are good in this making process, in a long-run existence.

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