How to improve web traffic through

How to improve web traffic through is a good website in social media. So many bloggers are using this website to improve their web traffic.

What is is a website, in this website, you have to login with your email id and password, after that they will send activation code through your email.

Board is nothing but Category: After login the website, first it shows Boards, first you have to create a Board, Board is nothing but your category. Category in website means… for example health related pages will be considered as one Board in, likewise another category… for example Business in this some pages will be there, each page generally will have an image of indication of that page.

Multiple Pins in Each Board: So if you create a Board in in the name of Business, it will be considered as Business Board, in that each page of your Business Menu will be considered as a Pin, so multiple Pins will be there, in each Board.

Each Pin will have a Web page with an image: Will be taken as a pin with a banner. That image banner is a pin in that Board, so likewise multiple pins will be there in that Board. This is the synopsis of

Bloggers are Utilizing this social media website: So now all most all, to improve their web traffic. Generally will send each Board of information to each member’s email. That is their regular service.

Click on the Pin then you can see Web Page: By seeing their email, in that email Board of information with PINs will be available. Anyone is interesting in any pin, he will click that pin, he will see that web page, in that web page, adds will be there, they may click adds in that page, by that bloggers will get commissions. This is the synopsis of the bloggers through

You can see here my video also, to get the information.

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