Restaurant Owners

It is a good thought; All Middle tier Restaurants can arrange themselves a Get Together. It clears all types of miscellaneous problems of each other.

Transportation Facilities: Especially where they are purchasing, which type of items in which place. Which are the best centers to purchase their required items, what are the transportation facilities from those places.

Save Time and Money: This type of information, if they share each other, they will come to a good conclusion, to share their problems, at the same time, they can save their time and money also.

But only one warning is... at any stage for money sake, Please DO NOT change the Restaurant into Bar & Restaurant. Once if you change that as a Bar Means, Families will not come to take dinner. Even in case of Elders also, some class people will not come to Bar. Sometimes their social status will give objection to them.

Big Loss in Random times: Another Big Loss is, while running a Bar, Your profits may be good, but your 10 days of profits, will go in one day, with un-necessary quarrels while taking wine. So Bar Owners has to keep this in mind. So do not take, that much of risk.

Maintain Security Team: For running Bar smoothly, you have to maintain strong Security team also, So your profits will go into their salaries. Another big reason is, generally 5 to 15 addicted people will come to Bar frequently, generally they will be near about home or office. They can maintain their position and money flow, certain months only, then afterwards, they have to loss their Money, Health and finally character.

Their families will sorrow, so much on your Bars only. Finally their tears will CLEAR your wealth and prosperity in all ways, because GOD will always hear groaning of innocent families. So this is not good for us. So always think about long-run success in a good way, then only you and your family will live with peace and prosperity.

So do not struggle for short-term benefits. So think over in a good way, then get success in Long run. It gives a real prosperity to you.

Wishing you all the best,