SEO: Search Engine Optimization

1. Once development is going on, you can think about web traffic,
before web traffic, you should think about SEO.

2. What is SEO: Search Engine Optimization? Optimizing web pages to search
engine friendly.

3. Optimize Keywords according to the content. Set meta Tags carefully.
You can see sample home pages in google search.

4. Meta keyword tags, set accurately according to the content in the page.
It can be upto 30 Characters.

5. Meta Description tag, Upto 150 Characters.

6. Set <title> tag according to the content with proper simple description.
For Example: <a href='homepage.html' title='Home Page'>Home Page</a>

7. One of the most important thing is, you should have a subject oriented content
in your pages, that will give more viewers to your site, by that, they can see your
adds in that page, by that, if clicks come, you will get commission. So finally
for every website, content is king.

8. Review your Website carefully, remove un-necessary code, if anywhere is there.
For pages designing also, you should maintain a standard phenomena. For example
every page should have primarily, Menu link setup, then one header, then a
paragraph, one footer for adds, these are basics you should maintain in your site.
More than that is your ability and interest.

9. Hire SEO Expert: All things, you can not maintain, If SEO Expert is there,
he will do following things.
Code Validation, Site Structure, On-Page Optimization (Title, meta tags, keywords),
Quality link building, Keyword Research (Apt keywords according to the content),
Creating Quality content, Off page optimization(Managing blogs, Press Release,
Article Submission etc).

10. Link Building: Submit your website into popular search engines like, etc.
It improves performance of your website.

11. Optimize your web site for mobile: This code is must in every html page
for porting to mobile device. It improves smooth performance in mobile
devices also. Generally, you will get this code in google webmaster tools.
Good webmaster tools will give all rules for better website optimization.
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

12. Do not use heavy images, it decrease the performance of the page while
opening, Image is must but it should be optimum size, Content and functionality
is the major role to get success of your website.

13. Avoid plug-ins and pop-ups, it reduces the speed of your page .

14. Always follow google webmaster tools, you will get details in google
search engine. You can see, so many Youtube Videos also about Google
Web Master tools.

15. Miscellaneous Techniques: Do not use Frames and Flash on your site.
It reduces speed of opening of your page, Site will become slow.
Avoid Flash files at maximum extent.

16. Check your content without spelling mistakes.

17. Do not use too much graphics on your site. It reduced the
speed of the page.

18. Do not create too many dynamic pages, Instead of that try to convert static
web page. Through static pages, your website performance will be good enough.

19. Create s Site Map, Help, FAQ, About Us, Copyright, Privacy Policy pages,
those are mandatory.

20. Check your website always, if any broken links are there, it reduces
page ranking.

21. Do not send too many emails to personals, it leads to spam out.

22. Always include urllist.txt, sitemap.xml.

23. Titles, Meta Tags, headings, Keywords should match to the content,
It should be genuine. In Page Ranking these will be play a considerable role.

24. Your page names should have basic naming convention. Otherwise, one day,
you can find out yourself, what is for what.

25. Your web pages should search engine friendly. While naming a html page,
do not use underscore(_), instead of that you can use hyphen (-)

26. In your hosting server in “httpdocs/” file use subdirectories carefully
according to the extention of files. All CSS files your should use directory
css/, for images /uploads, for .html files, let it be in “httpdocs/” folder.
Do not mix all file extentions in folder, search engine will take too
much time to retrieve the information.

27. Always your keyword should match to the content. Then only it improves
the page ranking in search engines.

Wishing you all the best,