Saree Fall Making.

Saree Fall Making: If you want to earn moderate income from itself, this is the right opportunity. In, through internet you can search for “Saree Fall Making Machines”, then it will show everything in diffirent capacities.

In online, you can select the machine, once you pay through debit card, they will delvier the machine nearer to your selected transport office, from there you can get back to home.

To your email, they will send Delivery Challan, Consignee copy. You can show in the transport office, to receive the machine.

You can pay through cheque, then they will deliver. Delivery norms procedures they will explain in phone, email and post also.

Once Receiving machine, you work will start, You can get 100 Meter Cotoon Cloth role from textile industry directly, once you pay the amount in advance, they will deliver the roll in 15 days gap.

Machine seller will give a booklet also how to do and how to process also. Once you set the machine according to the given instructions, then it will cut the saree fall and automatically, it will stitch including borders also. That is the advantage of the machine.

If you get the Roll from Factory, you will get the margin of 50% in sales. Please remember this point. If you purchase the Cotton roll locally, getting margin is difficult.

Then final thing is, you should select suppliers nearer to your area. Suppliers will say themselves everything, how much will become the MRP, how much they will take from you, what will be your margin. Then you can negotiate for comfortable price.

One important thing is, select multiple suppliers, depneding on one supplier will always will become a problem in long-run.

Once sales increases, you can increase your production, you can increase multiple suppliers and machines also.

One day, your home-point will become a mini factory with workers, staff, suppliers etc. You can gain in this business 50% margin easily. A lot of money you can earn, if it runs properly.

For success in this business, long-term commitment will give you associativity, increase communications with suppliers and Whole sale shop owners, workers and staff etc. So finally future is yours.

Wishing you all the best,