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Save Money: Utilize Solar Power:
Nowadays so many Solar lights are coming in the market, just put your light in sunlight in day time, that is enough, it will be charged, we can use the same in night time, without battery or electricity.

It is such a cheapest way of process. By this way we can save a lot of money. If you are in the investible position, completely you can put for home also, with large solar plates.

Engineer will come to your home, he will set the UPS for receiving solar Power from Solar plate in the upstairs of your home.

For middle class people, in the market, so many basic solar lights are there, these also, we can put each light in each room, in this way we can utilize solar power, in your moderate cost.

By these small solar lights also, we can save 50% of the current in your home.

In mobile charging, do not spend too much on top ups. Try to get talk-time vouchers on monthly basis OR for two to three months talk value vouchers are always to save a lot of your money on mobile talking. Always 3 months voucher will be less, when compared to monthly voucher. Take care of those personally, yourself and get it.

Consolidate your student loan, while getting job, your Student loan amount will become normal loan, you will lose all types of concessions in that. So take care of paying in time, share those problems with your parents, try to reduce as early as possible, convince your parents to pay loan early, if excess is there you can pay them later. Do not hide, anything to your parents.

When buying a car in the beginning stage, try to look on used models, for mileage and general service available points also. Uses models means, you will get on 50% rate. You will get meanwhile experience in mileage and standards, you can understand well, then for the time being, you can go for new one, later years.

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