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Do not Spend huge money entertaining your children. Spending money outside is not good. You can purchase to them a small cycle to run in home, a Carram Board to play in home, A Chess Box to them to play in home. Likewise, you entertain them in home itself with required playing items.

It is better to close credit cards as early as possible. Use only Debit Cards, if balance is not there in your bank, wait a while to get comfortable balance to spend. Try to habituate to spend in your income limit. It leads to satisfaction and confidence. Try to explain the income limitations to your family also. Then they will co-operate to you.

Diburse Old Furniture or Unused things are better to sell out through OLX or EBay websites in online. Getting something is better than nothing.

Drink Optimum water frequently, It reduces over heat in your body, by that way you can reduce problems of indigestion, headache, general fevers etc. In this way, you can save your money on general tablets.

Do not go home with Biryani parcels, frequently. It is better to do the same Biryani in home itself, even if, some risk may be there, but a lot of satisfaction will come to your couple. At the same time, you can save money also.

Quit Smoking. Generally office sitting staff and domestic staff in certain areas will be habituated to Smoking. We can not control it, at a moment. For the time being reduce your smoking, finally close it out from your mind. Basic danger of smoking is… It kills LUNGS for the time being. So it is better to cut-off, for the time being. Finally it saves your MONEY and HEALTH also.

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