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Save your money through Led lights in home. In every room you can keep one tube light and one 5 Watt LED Light. Always use 5 Watt Led Light only, it is enough for common works and discussions. In acute necessity for specific reading and in-house functions time, you can use Tube lights. By that way, you can save 100 Volts per month from your current bill.

Try to use Solar Lights in home to save at a Large extent. Governments also encouraging the same. If you are capable, for the time being, use solar lights, then you can save 100% local current. Huge Saving will be there, in solar usage.

Use Public Libraries to read news papers and magazines. But for the family sake, you can take one news paper, for daily basis. For all other things, It is better to go to library, for a huge coverage. In this way, you can save a lot of money.

Buy Quality appliances in home, to avoid frequent repairs and risks. It saves your money and time also.

If home appliances get repaired, do not throughout, try to get repaired in your local centers. If completely not working, then go for new one. In this way you can save a lot of amount. Generally Fans will go off by spoiling their Coils, In Grinders and Mixers Motors will go, all these can be repaired locally, again it works lot of years.

Even at important events, like birth days, marriage days etc., it is better to plan your meals in home itself. It saves lot of money and time also. On that occasion you can go for miscellaneous shopping and clothing etc. That money will be saved through your shopping.

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