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Keep Your hands Clean: Generally while taking food, we will clean hands, Not only that time, every time while going to bathroom, clean your hands with soap, because, generally we will put our hands on eyes for refreshment, and some times on face also, that time you will not be infected with bacteria and viruses. So basic sanitation is must, to reduce your medical bills and medicines.

Give a Gift to neighbors and friends on occasions. That means birth days, marriage days etc. That gift may be a Pen, Book, a Cup Set, Two Glasses, Shirt etc., will increase intimacy with your neighbors, then leads to increase confidence in so many ways. At the same time indirect support from them to you in so many ways.

Do gardening yourself, Put new plants in empty areas, Put Vegetables also, It increases satisfaction in you. As well as, it saves money also while purchasing vegetables.

Try to know cooking in your home. Learn from Ladies, At odd times, ladies are not there in home in any situation, you should be in the condition to make yourself. It saves your money also, because that time your need not buy outside, you can make in home itself.

Try to take life insurance. Insurance is not an investment, It is a safety way for your needs in future.

Use Fuel saving Cars: It saves more money to you. Nowadays Gas Using Cars, Diesel Using Cars, Electric Cars for using Battery power etc. Some Cars are there, You can use Diesel, Gas, Battery enabled also. All these will give, so much of savings to you.

In super markets, do not purchase in bulk, try to add to your cart on monthly basis, generally while purchasing in bulk, you can save something, but indirectly it gives, so much of risk, that is storage problem, purification is also another problem, In case of monthly basis, you can always get fresh one.

Rent out unused rooms in your house for bachelors, for their studies in city.

Try to reduce magazine subscriptions, already daily news paper is more than enough to read daily, Certain magazines relating to your career is ok. More than that, it is better to cancel.

Eat Breakfast: Instead expensive lunch, while going outside, it is better to have breakfast. If your breakfast is comfortable, the whole day, it saves your health. You can avoid outside food, then it will save your money.

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