Save Your Money: Increase Your Wealth: Continue Page 6

Do not waste your food: Whether it is home or outside, do not left-out the food,
It gives a big loss to you, in the long-run. Before ordering itself, you should
think over, carefully, then order, even if it is less also no problem, but ordering
excess will become a loss to you. Something if you eat less will not give any problem
to you, more than that, it makes you healthy.

Try to go to office with your own home food. It saves a lot of money in the long-run.

If your cloths are becoming old and pale, try to distribute to your home workers, messengers
and any poor people. Those will utilize those cloths, while they are working, out of their
work, they will also will wear, good dresses. But It will give a saving to them, that
satisfaction in them, will give an indirect benefit in your work.

While purchasing cloths also, try to purchase two shirts for every Pant. In this way,
while dressing, it shows that you are having choice of dresses.

Try to learn house-keeping and cooking also, in videos, it saves money
and increases confidence in you. At odd times it will be useful.

Try to maintain intimacy with your inner circle in your office, share their problems
and success of them, at odd times, they will give moral support to you, otherwise,
they will not be anti on you, that is enough to us to get in safety mode.

Keep a note book with you in home; write every day new ideas, if it has only.
It gives a great hope in you, to implement further. Write only those ideas
can be done in future only.

Nowadays rents are increasing day to day. So Cost of living is increasing, So try to
select Cheaper places to live with the same comforts. City interiors are cheaper
in case of rents and gives impact other groceries also. Suppose, if you want to go
for cultural activities, you can travel on those particular days. Even for offices
also, if transports facilities are there, it is better to come to cheaper area to live.
So you can save your salary also.

Have a deep Freezer in home, vegetables, fruits you can purchase in bulk at lower price.
While going home, you can utilize regularly. It saves your money and time.

Check your Car and Bike Tires, before drying out, try to get retreading your tires with
at least one layer. Improves life of our tires, it saves a lot of money to you.

Check out good event places in your nearby town. It may be a park, auditorium, recreation club,
free disc golf, free tennis and basketball courts or public libraries. You can utilize these
places well for your improvement and inspiration.

If you are having some space in your home, front side or back side, try to put vegetable
plants, as you like. Especially tomato plants, you can make Juice, Sauce for your bread
in regular use.

Wishing you all the best,