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Save Money

Use public transportation at maximum extent instead of your own vehicles and cars.
It saves lot of money. Generally bike holders will go in bikes instead of city buses,
they will say that, for time saving. It is ok. But if you take some time, you can
save a lot.

Try to reduce your daily costs. Going in car is good to see and for your comfort also,
but utilize it rare times only. In regular way, utilize public transportation.
It saves your money a lot.

Cut your hair yourself. It saves monthly hundred rupees. But if you are habituated
to do slowly, slowly, then you will become expert to do yourself. But one thing,
I am saying, those who are having comfortable time can do this. Otherwise Leave it.

Do Car pooling yourself in holidays, purchase that kit keep it, in your store room,
in holidays utilize that one. If you count in an year, it saves lot of money.
That is you can calculate yourself.

Decrease your debts, for the time being, it is also a type of saving. It gives a mental
relaxation. In case of long run payments, all will feel that, so long period, he has
given to pay in installments. One thing, you have to understand for that long period,
how much interest, you are paying, that is we should keep in mind, If opportunity
is there, it is better to clear, as early as possible.

Use Electronic stoves instead of Gas, It saves your 25% of Gas when compared to
Electricity Charges. Count yourself, you can understand it.

You can do basic maintenance of your car, bike and other vehicles in holidays.
It may be basic cleaning, repair works, concentrate yourself, try to do repairs
in time, It increases the life of your vehicles, it gives indirect saving to you.

Buy detergents and cleaners in bulk, It saves your 50% of money. If you purchase
1kg detergent saving will not be there. If you purchase 5kg or 10 kg bag, you will
get 50% cost saving will be there. Diapers and tissue papers also in the same way.

If you go on Road Trip in the long way. Try to have packed food, not meals,
fast food or snacks etc. While journey, you will not like to eat meals, mood
will not be there, but fast foods like Egg Puffs, Salt biscuits, Chicken Roti
Rolls etc., you can eat well, by that way, you can save a lot, while going
to Road Side Hotels. That Road Trip may be a marriage function with your family
or any other party in the long way. It saves a lot of money. For liquids,
especially Tea and Coffee or hot drinks, you can skip to a Road side hotel.

Wishing you all the best,