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Utilize your local libraries properly: For all news papers, books, CDs, you can utilize your local library regularly, you will be habituated and change of mind also will give prosperous refreshment with good friends and colleagues. You can save so much of your money on News papers, books and CDs.

Shave with simple razor: Do not spend too much on multiple blade shavers, it cleans upper layer also, with that deep razor. Daily shaving, use simple razor with moderate cost, it saves your time and safe to shave also.

See inspirational videos, Daily at least once, it give positive thoughts in you with great hope.

Try to know the benefits of your company offers: It may be relating to sports, housing loans, additional saving of Provident Fund, Bike, Car Loans. All these will give a hope in your life.

Try to make Cleaning supplies yourself: For example, Detergents, Surf, Phenoil etc. It save your money, as well as, good satisfaction yourself.

Do not get outside food, like biryani parcels etc., while you are with your friends and colleagues, Try to do in home itself, it saves lot of money.

Control your speed while going in your Bike or Car. It saves your fuel and safety also. You can reduce your penalties before traffic police.

Read more books relating to your career, it gives new thoughts in you and you will get some hope also for future.

Buy a small house first, it saves your immediate rental amounts. Further while saving on, you can purchase a comfortable deluxe house.

Do not spend too much on cosmetics, try to make some facials in home itself, by seeing videos. It gives great confidence and self satisfaction.

Try to eat less meat, instead of that introduce beans in every vegetable curry, gives taste and protein food.

Think about discount coupons in Super Markets, get it and utilize properly those discount coupons effectively.

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