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Save Money

Check your home with proper air transfer and proper lighting with windows,
It saves most of your current bill for lighting and fans. At the same time,
it is good for health.

Check your electrical setup in home, especially before Desktop computer, Freezer,
Air Conditioner, TV setup etc. If capacity is not sufficient, or frequent fees outs,
then use Proper MCP(Main Power Controller) setup to every component, Switches also,
with proper Ampere Capacity. Especially MCPs will flip-out, if current fluctuations
are there, then we can flip-on manually. By this way, you can save your Components
life and current also.

For your student loan try to set automatic monthly payment through bank account,
it saves so much of time and money to you, to go to bank and pay.

Save your money on your vacation, first try to cover surrounding areas,
when it covers then think for other vacation spots. It saves your money
and time also. Try to think about travel rewards also for free hotel stays
and airfare concession. If availability is there.

Reduce your cable bill by closing channels you do not watch. It saves your
money. Try to do nominal exercise, every day in your leisure time, It saves
your health and money also for facing frequent problem of viral fevers
and medicines.

Utilize your bank account for online payment. Especially Current Bills, TV Bills,
Telephone bills monthly, It saves so much of your time and conveyance also
to go physically.

Set smart power strip setup to your entertainment components to save your electricity
bill. That means DVD Player, TV, Home Theater boxes, Video Game Consoles etc.

Do not worry about past mistakes, keep looking ahead with positive goals and ideas and
recover your old mistakes, if possibility is there. Go Positive in life with hope and Goal.

Wishing you all the best,