How Self Adhesive Note is made

How Self Adhesive Note is made

Self-adhesive notes, also called "sticky notes," are partially adhesive, detachable note papers that have revolutionized memo making. It seems almost every surface in an office is amenable to the little yellow notes: they're stuck to desks, computers, files, folders, and rolodexes.

The notes appear frequently on cabinet doors, telephones, and refrigerators. The tremendous appeal of sticky notes is in part because they are so easy and convenient to use. They can be placed exactly where you want them without any fasteners like tacks, paper clips, or staples. They are also reliable; they do not easily float away, nor do they leave glue stains or dents like paper clips do.

Raw Materials: The basic element in the self-adhesive note is, of course, paper. Yellow is the standard color, although assorted color pads are also available. The key ingredient is the unique polymer adhesive which makes the note pads "temporarily sticky" so they may be removed from a surface and reused. A machine applies the adhesive, stacks the paper, and cuts the paper pads to the specific sizes.

The Manufacturing Process:
Preparing the glue: Polymer-based adhesive is mixed and placed into the machine which applies the glue to the paper.
Preparing the paper: For preprinted pads, the memo headings are printed onto large sheets of paper. The paper is placed into the machine and prepared to be fed through the priming device.

As the paper passes through the machine, continuous rollers prime the back side of the paper with a substrate. Next, the polymer glue is applied on top of the substrate.

Forming the pads: As the paper passes from the glue application, another device stacks the sheets of paper on top of each other to form large pads. Attached to the bottom of the pad is a piece of paper listing the company and brand names.

The pads are cut into smaller square and rectangular pads in the standard sizes, ranging from the smaller 1.5 by 2.0 inches (3.8 by 5.1 cm) to 8.5 by 11 (22 by 28 cm).

Packaging: The pads are labeled with the product name and manufacturer and wrapped in plastic. The pads are packaged together in bulk into larger boxes and shipped to distributors and wholesalers.

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