Slippers Making

Slipper Making:

1. Sole Cutting Machine approximate Rs. 1,50,000/-
2. Grinding Machine approximate Rs. 12,000/-
3. Drilling Machine approximate Rs. 20,000/-
4. Trap Fitting Machine approximate Rs. 7,000/-

For all the machinery one year warranty will be there, meanwhile if any problem comes, agent will come and rectify.

Raw Material: Rubber Sheets For cutting slipper.
With the help of Sole Cutting Machine and with the DYE sole will be cut out properly. DYE also available in different sizes for example cheppal sizes will be Size No. 8, 9, 10 like wise.

Machines: With the help of Traps fitting Machine, we can fix traps into slipper properly. With Grinding Machine, Cheppals borders has to be given smooth finishing. With the help of using DYE in Sole cutting machine, DYE itself will mark for Trapping for Trap fitting.

Manual: Trap will be fitted out manually without electricity and machine. Even though Trap fitting is compulsory certain extent to support the manual work. For each slipper making, cost will be approximate Rs. 20 maximum. If you sell in whole sale price will be Rs. 50 minimum.

Slippers: For each slipper, we can save Rs. 30. In a day with machinery we can make 500 slippers. By that you can understand how much you can earn in this business. But only one thing, I have to suggest is marketing. Marketing 3 is must. It will not come in one day. Once you are interesting into swim in this field, all you can learn yourself for the time being.

Wishing you all the best,