Small Business Owners

In present days, small business is becoming a big hazard. Especially General stores, Fancy Stores, Mobile Shops, Vegitable shops and Medical shops etc.

Basic reason is: House owners are increasing RENT equivalent to their average monthly income. 20 days of their business income is going to rent and maintenance charges. By any reason if they are not able to open remaining 5 days, they will not get anything for their survival. This is the position of 90% business owners keeping in rental premises.

Suggestion is If you have OWN Premises then it is OK, Otherwise long lease for at least 5 years will give you some relaxation. If you want to close the same meanwhile, it is better to endorse to some other for certain money.

Control Rents of Commercial Complexes: Government also has to control rents of commercial complexes, commercial places to certain level, they should maintain some control over commercial complex shop owners. Otherwise that cost of rents will be over on customrs, it leads to inflation, imbalance in the society, common man cant live properly. Indirectly it effects society and humanity also.

If common man loses his patients, no Government or any control, can not control violence and loss of natioanal properties. So it has to think over by every person, regarding this.

Government has to Handover Main Road Center Complexes: Governments has to handover some of the complexes for reasonable rents. Then only control will come on inflation. Otherwise there will be no value to money and humanity also finally.

Who is a small business owner: To be a small-scale business-owner, you must own a business with fewer than 500 employees and less than $7 million in annual revenues. A caterer who works alone and from home is a small-scale business owner, as is the owner of a catering company with several franchises.

Characteristics of small business owners: Confident. Confidence comes from knowing yourself and your abilities.
Persistent. Running a business doesn't always go as planned.
Goal-Oriented, Budget Conscious, Personable, Passionate.

What makes a great business owner: Business owners need to be able to show they're capable of making hard decisions on a daily basis. Listening to advice and keeping an open mind is great, but at the end of the day, it's your decisions as a business owner that will set the agenda. Creativity: In the professional world, visionaries are not naive.

How do business owners become rich: Follow these steps to get rich:
Start your Day Early, Have the Courage to Take Risks.
Wealth Accumulates, Pick a Business with Profit Potential.
Run a Tight Schedule, Become a Frugal Business Owner.
Do Smart work, Use Digital tools for your faster works, for business & stock management (like-Billing Software, CRM, etc).

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