What is Theta:

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What is Theta ϴ: The measure of an angle is Theta.
What will have Triangle: Base, Length, Hypotenus.

H: Hypotenuse.
L: Length
B: Base

What is Sin ϴ (Sin Theta): Sin ϴ = L/H

If L & H are same Length then symbol we can write like this:

If L is 0 Hypotenuse is equivalent to 0. Then Sin Theta is equivalent to 0. Sin ϴ = 0

If Base is 0 L=H. So sin Sin ϴ (90 degrees ) = 1.

Sin of 180 degrees = sign theta of zero = 0.

Sin ϴ = (270 degrees ) = -1. Because H = -L

Sin (360) = 0.

Sin ϴ = Length / Hypotenuse ( L/H).
Cos ϴ = Base /Hypotenuse (B/H).
Tan ϴ = Length/Base (L/B).

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