Tree Seed Supply

Tree Seed Supply: You could also harvest seeds from different trees and sell them to people who want to plant new ones. Tree seed and supply systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Across these regions, Some of the germplasm supply systems do not efficiently meet farmers’ demands and environmental expectations in terms of productivity, species and genetic diversity.

Germplasm Quality Control Systems: In some countries, germplasm used is mostly sourced from undocumented sources and often untested. Germplasm quality control systems are only found in a few countries. In many African countries play a prominent role in the supply of germplasm which is usually given to farmers without charge. In many African countries and also government participation in germplasm, although this is not substantiated by any evidence to suggest that the smallholder farmers are willing and able to pay for the germplasm.

Tree Germplasm Markets: In some Latin American countries, private companies, government and NGOs provide farmers tree germplasm in a partnership in which farmers provide land and labour in return. Tree germplasm markets are large in Asia, intermediate in Latin America and small in Africa where smallholder farmers constitute the market.

In countries where germplasm quality control is practiced voluntary. Some germplasm suppliers use branding as a way of differentiating their germplasm as having superior quality.

Awareness of Germplasm Quality: To enhance the use of high quality germplasm, there is a need to demonstrate the value of using such germplasm and raise awareness of germplasm quality among the farmers.

Select Mother Trees: Prior to seed collection, you will need to select and mark good mother trees. These are the trees you will use as sources of high quality seed. Here are the major characteristics that determine a good mother tree:
Healthy and free of diseases and insects. Nearly mature.
Good producers of the desired product.
Growing in the midst of a healthy stand of the same species.

Seed Collection Time: The optimum time for seed collection is as soon as the seed is mature. For most types of trees, seed pods turn brown when the seed inside is mature. Pods begin falling to the ground when seed is ripe.

For Germination seed Treatment: Many tree seeds have hard seed coats which are impermeable to water and air, or which prevent the emergence of seed parts. Simple treatment is required to: Hasten seed germination.
Ensure rapid and uniform seedling establishment.
Shorten the time of exposure of potted seeds to pests and other stresses.

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