Tutti Frutti Making, Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti Making, Tutti Frutti

Ingredients to make Tutti Fruiti:

First Phase: Take Green papaya, not riped one, in middle range and it should be useful to cut in small pieces, so in the middle range, we can cut from papaya tree.

After taking green papaya. first remove upper layer with peeler. In the middle of the Green papaya remove some seeds and white layer also.

Then cut papaya into small pieces. You can put those small pieces in a bandi with heated water, let 15 minutes in that vessel on stove in sim.

Then it will come into light green and white color.

Second Phase: Take a vessel with heat water with sugar soluble in water with concentration, then put boiled papaya pieces into Sugar water, heat some time to mix with sugar water 15 Minutes.

Then keep in room, spread those papaya pieces on plates upto 24 hours, by that that sugar content will be completely mixed with papaya seeds, now your sweet papaya pieces are ready.

Third Phase: Take food colurs, for examples yellow, red, green. Take 3 plates, mix each plate with each color. Then your colorful Tutti Frutti is ready.

Here the secret is, we are putting papaya pieces on plates in room only, on fan air, by that some moisture will be there to those, that moisture is comfortable to take food color.

Utility: Tutti Frutti is a delicious and tasty snacks item. Tutti frutti is an essential item in the bakery, confectionery, sweets making industry.

Marketing: For marketing this, you should contact bakery shops, Confectionery stores, Sweet shops, ice cream shops etc. In the long run, you will get standard income.

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