How to Clear Windows Log History

How to clear Windows Log History:

Windows logs are also important, to see application log details, Security log, system log also. But these are the regular updates, if logs are increased day to day, windows OS opening also will become a problem, so frequently once in a week, it is better to clean.

Beginning we can see on desktop computer option, right-click on that, then manage option will appear, you can click on that, then you can see computer management menu, then you can click on “Windows log”, then you can see, application, security and system options, these three are important to clear log history.

Once we click on Application, then it will show log history, it will take 2 minutes to show log history, then you can see, in the right panel, “CLEAR” option, you can click on that, then it will clear all log history.

In the same way, you can clear Security and System logs also. By clearing all these logs, your system speed will be increased. This is one of the Tip in PC maintenance. You can see the screen here.

Remaining options we can discuss in later pages.

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