Beaten Rice Production

Beaten Rice Production: The process of manufacturing to remove impurities and then soaked in hot water for 30-40 minutes. The soaked paddy is dried and roasted to make Flakes. The Flakes are passed through sieves to remove uneven and unwanted material and to segregate Flakes of even size. Finally they are packed.

How is Beaten Rice made: Flattened Rice is Rice that has been Flattened. To make it at home, the Rice is soaked overnight in water, then Flattened, then dried. To make it commercially, the Rice is threshed, then soaked, roasted, then hulled and polished, then rolled to make it Flat, then sieved and dried.

Beaten Rice Healthy: It is a good source of instant energy as it is Rice based. Rice which is used for poha manufacture also provides the vitamin B1 and hence aids in stabilizing blood sugar. Peanuts are usually added to poha preparation and peanuts are good source of antioxidants and protein, making poha heart Healthy.

Meaning of Beaten Rice: Flattened Rice, commonly known as Avalakki in Kannada, Poha in Hindi, is Rice which is Flattened into Flat, light, dry Flakes originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is also called "Beaten Rice", not to be confused with poha, a Central-West Indian dish prepared using Flattened Rice as the key ingredient.

POHA better than Rice: Poha is the healthiest option; it also makes for a great snack. Poha or Rice Flakes are not only easy to make but also provide enough energy, iron, carbohydrates and have a low-gluten level.

Diabetics eat Flattened Rice: People with diabetes can eat the same diet that is healthful for those without the condition, including Rice and other carb-rich Foods. Starch is a complex carb, which means that it releases its energy more slowly than simple carbs, such as sugar, especially when it is in whole Foods, including brown Rice.

Beaten Rice is popular as Chira. Most of the Indian population consume it as a staple breakfast diet. It is a low-cost wholesome Food and has good nutritional value. People consume it in different forms viz. raw, fried, with curd and therefore has mass appeal. You can sell out Beaten Rice to Rice depos, super markets and provision store and shopping malls etc.

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