Food Business

Production of Baking Powder

Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies

Production of Salt

Health Remedies

Cashew Processing

Ginger Garlic Paste, Small Business

Health Remedies

Jam Making, Small Business

Chocolate Making

Health Remedies

Spice Making Business

Health Remedies

Papad Making Business

Health Remedies

Bakery Business

Health Remedies

Potato Chips Production

Health Remedies

Work From Home: Mixture & Sweet Shop with Tea point.

Health Remedies

Tiffin Center.

Health Remedies

Fruit Juice Point.

Health Remedies

Catering Service.

Health Remedies

Fast Food Center

Health Remedies

Cake Bakers: Baking Business

Health Remedies

Ice Cream Parlour

Health Remedies

Soya Beans

Health Remedies

Home Made Bread

Sleep & Dreams

Sugandhi Water

Sleep & Dreams

Ice Cream Cone Making

Sleep & Dreams

Ice Cream Making

Sleep & Dreams

Handmade Biscuit

Strawberry Jam Making

Fully Automatic Dosa Making Machine

Cup Cake Making

Mango Fruit Bar Making

Vinegar Making

Tomato Sauce Making in Home

Popcorn Making

Custard Powder Making

Coconut Oil Production

Weight Loss Breakfast: Oats

Paneer Making, Milk Product.


Cocoa Processing, Cocoa

Vermicelli Making, Cocoa Dark Chacolate

Curd and Uses, Curd, Yogurt

Soft Drinks Making, Drinks

Custard Powder Making, Custard Powder

Ginger Garlic Paste Making, Ginger Garlic Paste

Jack Fruit Processing, Jackfruit

Pickles Making, Jackfruit

Pineapple Processing, Pineapple

Tamarind Paste Making, Tamarind

Tutti Frutti Making, Tutti Frutti

Baking Powder Making, Baking Powder

Banana Wafer Making, Banana Wafer

Salted Snacks Making, Salted Snacks

Soy Sauce Making, Soy Sauce

Beaten Rice (Chira) Production, Beaten Rice

Oats Processing, Oats

Groceries Delivery Centre, Groceries

Cold storage system