Her Dream is fulfilled to start a clinic: A Girl is there in our colony, She wants to become a Doctor. Her main dream is to serve to people by any service that is her motto. They are rich at her early stages, but her father is a business man, he failed in his business, so her dreams are failed to become a doctor.

So after 10th Class: She wants to become a Nurse, that time, his father is able to sustain in his business, but her mother is severely sick, in her home, she is the only daughter, she got the seat also for nursing course, even though she is not able to join, due to her mother sickness, her dreams are like dreams only.

After some years: Her mother able to pick-up to normal position by Homeo medicines. Father understands her dream, so finally he put her into Beautician Course, that is one year course, she successfully completed her course with commitment and interest.

In the beginning she wants to do a job: But her father encouraged him to start a Beauty Parlor, because her father knows her dream to serve to people by any means.

Finally after some years: Her Beauty Parlor become number one in that town, her earnings are increased, all her assistants in the beauty parlor, are calling him as madam; So her dream is fulfilled in that way.

But she did not stop her studies: again in the same field; she is doing so many courses further to upgrade herself. She became number one beautician in that town. She started so many beauty parlors in the surrounding towns also with the same brand.

Now she is the owner of beauty parlors: For the time being she owned the premises of those beauty parlors also. She settled well, like more than a doctor.

Now she is doing, so many videos: She is having her own website regarding beautician services. Her website also popular in that town. All her dreams are fulfilled with a good husband and two children also. May God bless her services and dreams.

What is beautician work:
Beautician responsibilities include removing hair, recommending skin care therapies and managing client appointments. You should be well-versed in beauty treatments, including hairstyling, makeup, facials, hair removal, manicures and pedicures.

Which course is best in beautician:
Advanced certificate in beauty culture.
• Advanced certificate in hair designing.
• Advanced diploma in Cosmetology.
• Certificate courses in beauty culture.
• Certificate courses in hair dressing.
• Certificate courses in SPA therapy.
• Diploma in beauty culture.
• Diploma in cosmetology.
• Diploma in hair dressing.

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