Bio Diesel Plant

Bio Diesel Plant: Biodiesel Production Plant: Produce biodegradable fuels that can be used in diesel engines. Biodiesel production results from a chemical process, that reacts vegetable oils, seed oils, algae, or animal fats with methanol or ethanol in the presence of a catalyst.

Thermochemical Process: A thermochemical process utilizes pyrolysis, to decompose biomass. This produces a liquid that can be burned like fuel oil. Biodiesel is often blended with petroleum diesel. A gasification process produces syngas in a fluidized bed reactor that is then converted to liquid fuels.

Main products in this usage:
Biodiesel can be made fro Tree Born Oil Seeds. It is renewable energy recycled from waste oil of restaurants also.

• Rapeseed (Europe), Soybean (US), Jatropha (Africa, India)
• Castor Bean (Africa, China, S. America) , Palm Oil (Tropical areas)

Major Componenets: A biodiesel production plant includes the following major components:
• Seed storage, Oil extraction, Catalytic conversion to biodiesel
• By-product processing, Process and plant support systems

Source of Oils:
Various seeds, beans, or algae are the source of the oils. The oil is extracted from the biomass source via chemical or mechanical processes. The fat or oil is combined with an alcohol such as methanol in the presence of a catalyst in a reactor.

Processing Equipment is Necessary:
Additional Processing Equipment is Necessary to produce the biodiesel. A boiler provides steam for cooking, distillation, evaporation, and other plant uses.

Advantages of Biodiesel:
75% clearer thatn conventional diesel.
Contains no sulphur.
Emissions nearly 50% less than conventional diesel.
Doesnt cause eye irritation.
More biodegradable than sugar, less toxi than table solt.
Better lubricant extends engine life.
Can be produced from any veg oil, waste cooking oil etc.
It can be distributed through existing diesel fuel pumps.
Biodiesel provides same energy per gallon as petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel Production Plant Size: A biodiesel production plant typically requires minimum 15 acres for all the facilities. The total area of the site is usually larger, landscaped, and serves as an exclusion area to the public.

Purachase Plant machinery: Bio Diesel Production plant machinery sale is available in and also. Costs from 30 to 50 lakhs meanwhile. Especially those who completes the course in Bio Diesel and gain some experience is comfortable to start.

Supply of Seeds and Green Products: For plant cost and details, you can observe in online in or in Have a detailed project report before starting this plant, including manpower requirement, space and supply of seeds and green products.

Please read National Biofuel Policy by Govt of India.
Get Ebooks about Biodiesel production details in online.

Availabe information in Online: Here provided basic information only, to give a thought at a glance in a simpel way. For complete details and video you can observe in So many PDF files also available in internet fro clear understanding. It is highly beneficial to new entrepreneurs, Government subsidies also available for Biodiesel Plants, because it is eco-friendly.

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