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Organic Fertilizer Vermicompost Production

Fertilizer Distribution Business

Sunflower Farming

Livestock Feed Production

Agricultural Equipment Leasing

Basket and Broom Production

Certified Seed Production

Cotton: Seeding, processing, bagging and selling

Commercial Crops

Grains Farming

Maize Farming

Mangoes Plantation

Palm Tree Plantation


Insecticide, Herbicide and Pesticide Production

Rubber Plantation

Yam Cultivation

Spices Production

Sweet Potatoes and Irish Potatoes Farming

Neem Oil Extraction

Olive Oil Production

Bio Diesel Plant

Turpentine Plant Resin

Weedicide Manufacturing

Synthetic Fertilizer

Cranberries Processing

Fruit Growing

Livestock Feed Manufacturing

Poultry Feed Manufacturing

Field Crop Farming

Dairy Farming

Soy Production

Fruit Canning Process

Tree Seed Supply

Planting Services

Pesticide Formulation Business Ideas

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