Eye Glass Frames Fixing

Eye Glass Frames Fixing

Eye Glass fixing in Frame is also a good art and should have patience.

Nowadays for every process of eye glass fixing ready made machine is available.

You can get the machinery in Indiamart.com or in alibaba.com websites, all types are available.

You can select according to your budget and demand in your local area.

For fixing Eye glasses, you should have a basic training at least 2 months, in any other Glass Fixing workshop.

Then only you can handle with the machinery with proper knowledge.

For new machinery, they will give maitenance guide and in the initial stage, their engineer will give basic training for couple of days also.

Especially Eye Glasses and Frames you will get from third party, that means suppliers will supply for the time being according to the demand.

If you are interesting in this line of activity, It is better and profitable service.

Wishing you all the best,