Interest in Agriculture

Interest in Agriculture: If they do scientifically, will get success. By investing 25% they will get 75% income, if environment favours. Farmers has to utilize the MEDIA for agriculture. Especially please follow the TV Programs also, for updated information. They will recommend good fertilizers and pesticides also. So many websites are there for every crop and process.

Ware houses: Governments also taking care about Storage ware houses, from mandal level, district level and state level also. Farmers has to get this information personally.

Market yards: Agriculture Department in every state is maintaining Market yards in district and mandal level also, utilize these market yards carefully. Farmers has to demand for good comforts and equipment in those areas inclduing transportion facilities.

Associations: Farmers associations and groups will also give a good impact in price decisions, market fluctuations problems also. If they are positively in one opinion, no body can touch them.

Welfare process: Now agriculture has come into welfare process, especially 10% of taxes has to divert for the welfare of agriculture. In this case we can not see monitory benefits.

Donations: Just like corporate donations, big profitable corporate companis, has to fund for Market yard making and Store houses making. It gives a great prosperity to every nation. Complete tax exemptions has to provide to them for the welfare of the nation.

Maintenenace: If corporate big shots donating for market yards and store houses, governments can take the responsibility of maintenance happily.

Support: Now this is the time to give support directly and indirectly for the welfare of agriculture. Otherwise, we will never have Food, Milk and grains to eat. So every one has to think about this. If corporate heads and rich people can invest for one time investment on agriculture, definetly governments has to carry on regular maintenance risk.

Request Notifications:In every government agriculture department has to seek donations for agricultural equipment especially "Market yards" construction, "Store houses" construction expenses as donations with complete Tax Exemption is a good idea. So it is a request of all the people for better global welfare.

Scarcity: Making Scarcity regarding food grains will never become the wealth to any nation, except individuals. It should keep in mind every person and nation. Our money will never be useful without food. We should keep in mind.

Money: Wealth is not there in money, if every nation and people are getting everything without scarcity... that will be called as the greatest wealth.

Utilize Whatsapp: Utilize mobile Whatsapp also, for getting good seeds, fertilizers, pesticies etc. each other in the formers group, please have villege level farmers group for getting good products for their welfare and agricultural growth. Leave jelosies each other and think for good wealthiest nation building.

Gifting plants culture: Basically Agriculture Department is there for books, Process, Testings etc. Youth has to take initiation by giving gifts of Fruit Plants, Flower Plants, Medicinal Plants, Fragance Plants etc.

Every one has to build our nation with good food and agriculture. Nowadays keeping up agriculture is everyones responsibility in the world. We should not seek for profits especially in agriculture growth.

Smart Phones: Nowadays in smart phones also, so many useful videos are there, in search box, what you type, you will get the same videos. So farmers can utilize this opportunity to get the good knowledge about their farm.

Desktops/PCs: You can get the details in Computers about commercial crops comfortable to your area, which are profitable, every thing you can get in google search. For processing details you can see videos. Utilize the media in such a good way for your prosperity and life.

You can see the so many persons getting good salaries in USA, Canada, Australia etc., are leaving their jobs, coming into agriculture, starting their farming scientifically with a good plan, project and procedure, you can see, so many inspirative videos in

Agricultural machinery: People should get awareness regarding agricultural equipment also. So many Videos, you can see in and in google search also. Especially, websites also providing complete details with price. You can purchase in online itself. If you are having interest, you can purchase in-person while reaching the dealer.

Farm Houses: Rich Farmers should keep farm houses, to grow Fruit Plants, Vegetables in home. Plants will generate natural oxygen for long living happy life.

Wishing you all the best,