How to sew Simple jacket

How to sew Simple jacket:

Step 1: You need fabric, scissor, measurement tape, thread and some pins.

Step 2: Measure the length form should to your desire length.

Step 3: Cut two rectangles, length that you measured and width half of your around bust, Measurement, and plus 2” eg: mine is 36”+2” = 38” and half of 38 is 19”. So I will take 19” width.

Step 4: Now cut one of the rectangle in two equal parts length wise. These two pieces will be Your front side. Now backside one piece, front side one piece.

Step 5: Fold the back side fabric in half and trace your pattern with the help of any of your favourite jacket or T-shirt. Cut the pattern. This is your back side.

Step 6: Similarly cut the front pattern also, with the help of any of your fabourite jacket or T-shirt.

Step 7: Trace sleeves with extra 1” gap, cut. Cut the sleeves and shape it, with right sides together, Stitch shoulders seems with right sides together, stitch the sleeves in.

Step 8: Double fold and sew the bottom hem of the both sleeves. With right sides together, sew the sides. Sew the both sides.

Step 9: Cut long, 3” width bands for the front open sides, from one bottom hem, through neck, So cut long band and you can join them. Place it on jacket right side together. Sew it around.

Step 10: So Fold the fabric once half and then fold once more and place it on the stitch. This way you will get this 1” band on the open sides of the jacket.

Step 11: You should press the folds, so that it will be easy for you to sew. Sew it on sides, except top and bottom. Then it is ready to wear.

Fianlly you can see in detail in this video.

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