Soya Beans

Soya Beans Processing:
Commercially soya beans Processing to produce Milk, Soy Flour, Soya Sauce, Soyabean oil, Natto etc is a very profitable Agriculture Business ideas to start with Moderate Capital Investment. With Proper Marketing Strategy, an Entrepreneur can start this Business in small scale also.

Spices Spice Processing:
Rising global demand gives a Boost to Spice Processing Industry recently. Good quality processed Spice has very good demand. Processing and Packaging methods are not very complex. The margin is also very satisfying in Spice Processing Business.

Vegetables Vegetable Farming:
Vegetable Farming is one the most Profitable Agriculture Business ideas. Having sufficient land an Entrepreneur can start good quality Vegetable Farming with quality seed and Fertilizers.

Chicks Hatchery Chicks Hatchery:
Chicks Hatchery Business is all about making money by selling commercially produce chicks to local egg and Poultry farmers. It is a highly Profitable Business to start with a small capital and as such no specialized knowledge is required.

Rajanigandha Rajanigandha Farming:
The Scientific method of Rajanigandha Farming gives this Business a boost towards a successful commercial Business. Apart from the usage as the only flower, Rajanigandha is widely used in cosmetics, perfume, essential oils, ayurvedic medicine and pan masala industry. The flower can be grown 8000 kg per hector yield.

Rajanigandha Tea Growing:
Tea growing Business has huge Potential and Demand for the product is increasing globally. Tea plants typically fare best in acidic soil and regions with heavy rainfall (around 40 inches per year), although they can be grown anywhere from sea level to altitudes as high as 1.3 miles above sea level.

Grocery Grocery E-Shopping Portal:
Grocery E-shopping portal is a most trending Business in recent phenomena. This tech-based Business opportunity demands proper planning and strong online Marketing Strategy to start.

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