Vanaja Story

ISKCON Devotee: I am Vanaja from Mudinepally, AP State, From the child hood I want to enjoy life with good Costumes and jewellary. After successful completion of B.Com degree, I came to hyderabad for job purpose. I got the job sucessfully, I am not satisfied with that salary, because I want to live luxury life. I can not compromise with common earnings.

While going to office in share-auto: one lady has said that I am enjoying well with plenty of money by prostitution. One night with a person, I am getting 20,000 Rupees. YOu can earn 6 lakh rupees in a month, how long it will take to you to earn 6 Lakhs? She questioned her, Once if you do like wise you can settle financially in one year. Then you can take rest in the long life. Because you are beautiful and healthy.

So many customers are there in my mobile: please think over. She is having diamond necklace with good costly saree. I tempted to that offer. I accepted for that. My life has been changed, financially I become sound in an year. I did the same work 5 years. I postponed my marriage by saying unnecessary reasons to my parents.

Then I reached 30 years of age: I frustrated with this life. I want to marry a person with my sound financial position. Went to my Village, One match has come, he identified me in hyderabad. So he said no to marry me.

Secretly that message has been passed to so many people: marriage was not done to me. So lost the life. I understand that money is not the life. Character is the life. My neighbour Sowmya is my classmate in degree. After her degree she married a person, now she is having a beautiful son. Her life is peaceful with her family common earnings.

But I am having everything: Beauty, Money but not character, who will marry me. I lead my life singally. What will be the future I can not say. Finally I got peace of mind while joining in ISKCON (International Sri Krishna Considerants). I am loving now Lord Krishna, Now I am getting peace of mind.

So dear friends my life is an example to all: Please do not loose your charecter. With good character only, you can build a peaceful life. If health is lost something is lost. If Character is lost, everything is lost. Do not forget this.

Wishing you all the best,