Weedicide Manufacturing

Weedicide Manufacturing:

WEEDS are the plants. They grow in the fields where they compete with crops for water, soil nutrients, light and space and thus reduce crop yields. Weedicides increases their yields and ensures the efficient use of irrigation, fertilizers and plant-protection measures, such as the spraying of insecticides and fungicides. To manage the weeds in direct seeded rice, four weedicides were tested and compared their efficacy with hand weeding.

The weedicide composition is a ternary weedicide composition consisting of nicosulfuron, atrazine and bromoxynil octanoate which serve as active ingredients, wherein the weight ratio of the nicosulfuron, the atrazine and the bromoxynil.

The preparation method of the composition comprises the following steps of melting the metered bromoxynil octanoate, throwing the melted bromoxynil octanoate into a ball mill, adding unprocessed pesticides of the nicosulfuron and the atrazine, performing ball-milling for 2 to 3 hours, adding the mixture into a sand grinder to grind for 3 to 4 hours, pumping the mixture into a blending tank of a finished product, sampling to analyze and blending.

The composition is applicable to prevention and removal of weeds in fields, particularly to the prevention and removal of weeds in a maize field. The weedicide composition of the invention can take the effect of removing seeds in very short time and has good seed removing effect, so that the using amount of weedicides can be reduced.

Two types of weedicide generally we find in the market. One is herbal or botanical weedicide and another is chemical weedicide.

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