Hi, this is Ganesh from Hyderabad.

Absolutely this is the intention of God. Basically I am software professional, worked more than 25 Years in Information Technology.

I started this in the year 2016, previously, it was in a blog 7 years, now I put into a domain with hosting. Now also working individually.

God intention is: You should make my children as employers not as employees. That much of standard is not there at present, now some extent, it is reaching, by putting multiple business opportunities and industries.

I put in this website, Earn Online, Work from Home, Articles especially relating to small business professionals, Consultants, Dealers, Online working professionals, about MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) details. It is a basic touch to give a hope in them about fundamentals.

In this I used technologies front-end HTML, for functional work PHP, Back-emd Database Mysql.

About Technologies HTML, PHP, Mysql, Blogging, Cloud Computing, ERP, CRM, SCM, basic fundamental information provided in this for them for overall view.

Test Papers, Model Papers, Tutorials are provided in this for working professionals.

I did not provide any login, password setup or membership fees. Everyone can view and get the details for their individual survival and work.

Even though for my survival, I provided in this Clickbank adds and Google Adsense adds.

I want to provide a hope in Middle class people, for Individual works, Work form, Earn Money, small business details etc.

I provided one page Description to get an idea at a glance for software professionals about all types of technologies and technical languages.

I want, all your blessings in this journey. Wishing you all the best. You can contact us through this Email: bvg@seeyourneeds.in

Ganesh, See Your Needs.
Website: http://www.seeyourneeds.in