Biscuit Making

Biscuit Making: Biscuit Making is a Conventional activity and an Entrepreneur can initiate this Business with low startup Capital also.

Market Opportunity: Biscuit Market is all about effective decision Making, and strategic planning as to how to sell, what kind Packaging should be done, what will be the pricing strategy etc. Due to its innovative Packaging, new Flavors, Tastes, Shapes, new Technologies, and rising Health consciousness among Consumers.

Registration: In starting Biscuit Making Business first you will need to Determine the Ownership Pattern and Register the Firm accordingly with Register Of Companies. You need to obtain Trade License from the local authority. Apply for Vat Registration. You have to take an FSSAI license. Register your Business with local DIC office. It is advisable to take No Objection from Pollution Control Board. The BIS has specified quality standards vide IS 1011:1992. Compliance with PFA Act is necessary.

Raw Material: The basic Raw Material for Biscuits is Wheat Flour. The requirement will not be Substantial but Supply arrangements with Flour mill of the region would ensure smooth Supplies. Other required items are Yeast, Ghee, Sugar, Milk powder, edible colors, Salt, Flavors etc. You must provide the Proper Packaging system for moisture proof Packaging.

Manufacturing Process is simple and Conventional. Mix Wheat Flour along with other Ingredients with water and prepare the Dough. keep it at a normal room temperature for about couple of hours to allow proper fermentation. Then place it in Biscuit molding trays. Further place these trays in an oven for Baking. After Baking, trays are taken out, cooled and Biscuits are packed. Place these trays in an oven for Baking. After Baking, trays are taken out, cooled and Biscuits are packed.

Process Flow Chart: Making the Dough by mixing the Ingredients → Process of fermentation → Giving the shape → Baking the raw Biscuit → Testing → Packaging. You must have some innovative Biscuit Making recipe to get the long-term success in this Business. In addition, you can source the manufacturing technology from the Government research institutes.

Machines: The Machinery required for Biscuit Making are Dough mixer, rotary molder, Cutter, Laminator, Biscuit Baking oven, Cooling conveyor, Oil sprayer, Biscuit Sandwiching machine. Purchase Sealing and Wrapping Machines for Packaging purpose.

Learning Resource: A book is the best resource and guide to address this it covers various aspects related to different bakery products with their manufacturing process and also provides contact details of raw material, Plant and Machinery suppliers with equipment photographs and their technical specifications.

Book of Biscuits: This book caters a wide variety of bakery products. These are Wheat Ingredients, other grain Ingredients, Shortenings, Emulsifiers, Antioxidants, Water and Salt, different types of Bread and Biscuits.

Variteties: It provides information about Cakes, Buns, Icings, Production of cookie and Cracker, Spices, Flavors, Colors, Leavened and Unleavened products, air-leavened products, chemically leavened Bread and Rolls, Yeast-leavened plain Bread, Rolls, Dough, Preservation of Bakery products, Milk and Egg Ingredients, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Many more.

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