Metal Business

Construction of Metal Tanks

Health Care

Clutch Plate Making Business

Nuts Bolts Making, Small Business

Wrought Iron Furniture Making Business

TMT Bar Manufacturing

Aluminium Doors

Nuts Bolts Making, Nuts, Bolts

Padlocks Production: Padlocks

Steel Pipes

Blouse Hooks Making


Iron Manufacturing Process

How Silver is made

Production of Gas Cookers and Ovens

Scrap Metal Recycling Company

Production of Metal Detectors

Powder Coating, Metal Plating Treatment Business

Production of Metal Spoons and Other Cutleries

Nails Manufacturing

Production of Nuts, Bolts and Screws

Production of Pots, Fry Pans and Kettles

Knife Sharpening Business

Production of Pad Locks

Construction of Railway Tracks

Manufacturing of Metal Safes

Construction of Metal Tanks

Production of Armored Electric Cables

ProStart a Locksmith Company

Production of Work Tools

Production of Cooking Gas Cylinders

Production of Metal Chains

Production of Jacks

Production of Metal Drums and Barrels

Construction of Metal Staircase Railings

Production of Metal Buckets and Basins

Construction of Metal Gates

Production of Stoves

Installation of Telecommunication Masts

Production of Satellite Dishes

Ship Production

Production of Metal Pipes, Fittings and Taps

Production of Buckles and Nobs

How Crane is made